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While life began for me in Jackson, MS with deep southern roots, it quickly took on a more global perspective as I had the privilege of growing up as a military "brat" and traveling the nation with my parents. This experience, along with the amazing opportunity I was afforded right after college, to move to Hong Kong and live for two years, played a huge role in the love and concern I hold today for people from all walks of life and nationalities. I am a retired administrator and mom to two amazing daughters, four wonderful step-children, and eight grandchildren. Expecting our first great-granddaughter in 2017! My passions are health and genealogical research, in that order. If we do not have our health, we have nothing. I love sharing the AIM products because I've seen first hand the unbelievable difference they make in the lives of those who grab hold of the vision of what they can do to enhance their own health and truly incorporate them into their lives. I challenge anyone reading this to give the Garden Trio and Herbal Fiberblend a three month trial and let me know what changes you experience. I am confident you will choose to never be without the AIM products in your personal arsenal for "health defense"!! I am here to share and provide you with any help you need along the way, in your journey to better health.

Compiling a Medical Family History

After 18 years of working as a family researcher and genealogist, I have come to realize the (pardon my pun) “grave” importance of knowing your own family history, as it relates to those who have walked before you, and how it lays a potentially life-saving foundation for generations that may follow. A medical history provides […]

Barley Beta-Glucan Shows Potential Prebiotic Activity

Beta-glucan from barley may boost levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut, particularly in people over 50, according to a new study from Greece. Daily intake of 0.75 grams significantly increased levels of bifidobacteria, suggesting prebiotic potential but only in people over the age of 50, according to findings published in Food Research International. The […]

Shrinking Brains and ‘Silent Strokes’ Studied

December 30th, 2011 New findings in Alzheimer’s disease support longstanding notions of what doctors have preached for years. The studies look at associations, not causes, but they further scientists’ pursuit of preventing the fatal brain disease. It’s no secret that a healthy diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and rich in vitamins found in fruits […]

AIM Peak Endurance – Lighting the fire within

From: AIM Article Archives March 2007 AIM Peak Endurance®, which has been very popular since the 14-ounce canisters were officially introduced in January, is now available in single servings in a 30-count package. The single servings contain the exact same ingredients as the canister with the added convenience of portability. The recommended serving size is […]

Greens and their Role in Cancer Prevention

FROM:  AIM Article Archive, April 2011  By Lezaan Vermeulen – AIM Nutritionist  Cancer, the malignant growth or tumor that results from uncontrolled and abnormal cell division, ranks just below cardiovascular disease in the United States as a leading cause of death. Today cancers prognosis is far brighter than it has been in the past and […]


 It is no surprising if you have high cholesterol levels in the blood. It could happen even with the people with good health. However, in case of the high cholesterol levels, it is good to take come corrective steps to thwart the problem. You need to take some important herbs for the management of cholesterol. […]


 According to the National Cholesterol Education Program, about 25 percent of the U.S. population has mild hypercholestrolemia, or elevated LDL levels. LDL cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein, is also known as the bad cholesterol in our bodies. LDL cholesterol promotes the formation of atherosclerotic plaque within artery walls, giving rise to cardiovascular disease. Thirty percent of […]