Why you should eat 51% of your food as raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables.


Why you should eat 51% of your food as

raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables.

The 1930s were a pivotal time in determining the health future of the world.  Many medical doctors and scientists, such as Edward Howell, NW Walker, Frances Pottenger and Paul Kouchakoff provided clinical evidence that processed, mass produced foods would be harmful to the human body and create serious health decline including infertility.

In 1945 Dr. Paul Kouchakoff, MD, became a Nobel Prize Nominee for his work “Digestion and Leukocytosis”, conducted in Switzerland at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry.  Beginning in the 1930s Kouchakoff conducted studies to determine the effect of cooked foods vs. raw foods on the human body.  It was already known that cooked food caused an increase in white blood cells, however Kouchakoff took that knowledge further.  Participants would eat food from each category and then blood would be drawn to determine white blood cell activity.

White blood cells are the “fighter” cells of the body.  You may realize that when you have an infection your white blood count is extremely elevated as these cells flood the body to deal with the infection or invaders.

The Kouchakoff studies discovered that All foods cooked over 200 F/ 95 C create digestive leukocytosis (high white blood cell count)…your body views the food as an invader and the immune system goes on alert to deal with the toxic food rather than other invading toxins such as bacteria, virus, and chemical toxins.

The Western Diet is largely if not fully Categories 3-5 (see below); this is why so many people today have problems with environmental allergies, colds and the flu. The body is so busy internally dealing with the extremely toxic foods; it cannot deal with the external toxins coming into the body.

The conclusion of the Kouchakoff study was this:  A diet of 51% raw unprocessed fruits and vegetables will promote health and reduce the toxic effects of leukocytosis in the human body.

Kouchakoff studies created 5 categories: 

None to mild white blood cell increase

Category 1 – Raw food or cooked under 200 degrees

Category 2 – Foods boiled at 212

Moderate White Blood Cell Increase

Category 3

Foods cooked at 350+ degrees and pressure canned food

Severe White Blood Cell Increase

Category 4 

White refined foods (flours, sugars and everything made with them)

Fried foods



Table Salt

Toxic Poisoning Levels of White Blood Cell Increase

Category 5

Grilled, cured and salted meats

Microwaved foods

Pasteurized dairy products, milk and juices

Chemical laden foods

Hydrogenated oils and trans fat



Artificial Sweeteners

My Busy Healthy Life teaches you to

choose, prepare and enjoy a diet of 51% raw fruits and vegetables…so your body can accomplish what your mind and heart dreams.